Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clark Deals?

Clark Deals was created to serve you with the very best deals and money-saving shopping tips in keeping with Clark Howard’s mission to help you save more and spend less.

Do you have any control over the price of an item?

We wish! Retailers often change prices quickly and without notice, and the dynamic pricing model that is becoming the norm means that the price of an item can change multiple times in a single day.

Do retailers tell you when a deal is sold out?

Unfortunately, no. Making sure every deal on ClarkDeals is up-to-date keeps us on our toes, but we will not know when a deal is sold out until after the fact.

Do you have a personal relationship with the stores you post deals from?

99.9% of the time, no. We scour the web for the very best deals from all over the web — and we will only post it if we truly think it is a great deal!

I have an order problem. Are you able to help me?

Unfortunately, since we do not have a personal relationship with most of the stores we post deals to and we do not process any orders ourselves, we cannot assist with order issues that arise. However, we would like to know about them here so we can make sure we are sending you to trusted stores that provide you with the item and the service you expect. Additionally, the Consumer Action Center is available to help you should the store be unable to resolve your issue.

Clark’s Consumer Action Center is a FREE helpline available Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm ET. They’re available to empower you with consumer advice and education to help you resolve your money problems. Call Team Clark Howard at 404-892-8227.

Why do you post deals from certain stores and not others?

We maintain strict editorial integrity when it comes to our deals. As we said, we only post an item if we really think it is a good deal, and we will not send people to untrustworthy websites that have negative feedback and do not fulfill their promises. If you have a negative experience with a store, we would like to know about it here.

Can I share the types of deals I would like to see on ClarkDeals.com? 

Yes! Our goal is to serve you by working hard to find the very best deals online. We know we serve a diverse audience and we try to find deals on a variety of different kinds of items and brands. If there are deals you would like to see more of on ClarkDeals.com, you can let us know here.

Do you share the beliefs of any of the stores you post deals from?

No — ClarkDeals.com is purely a deals website. No matter what, it’s all about the deal — nothing more, nothing less!

Is Clark involved in the deals posting process?

YES. Clark is very much involved in the posting of our deals, and he will often send us the great deals he finds.

Does Clark do any paid endorsements?

NO! He never has, and he never will. Clark often says, “I am unbought and unbossed.” However, if you buy something after visiting our website, we may receive a small affiliate commission from it, which helps to pay our bills and fund our Consumer Action Center. Learn about our guarantee here.

Why do I get so many emails?

Clark Deals is a daily deals site serving you with the best daily deals from around the web! We send one email which includes the best deals for that day, but you can always adjust your preferences if you want to receive one email a week, or none at all. Click the “Update Your Profile” link in the last email you received to adjust your newsletter preferences.

Is there a way to receive the deals earlier in the day?

Our team at Clark Deals works hard to find the very best deals daily! Although we have a small team, we are committed to finding the very best deals from around the web that meet our standards. It does take a bit of time daily for our team to find great deals, write them up, and make sure they are still available before we send our newsletter. At this time, the earliest we can send our newsletter is between noon and 1pm ET (9am PT.) But, you can always check our website whenever you would like to see what great deals are available now!

Can I submit a deal I find?

YES! Please send deal submissions to [email protected].

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